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At i-dream kitchens we always go the extra mile to get our customers the kitchen of their dreams and they recognise that as you can read below...

David and Jo Penniston

Dear Phil,

…better late than never, better late than never, better late than never, better late than never…

And so it went on for 10 pages as I sat in Saturday morning detention (c 1974), regurgitating the pathetic words I’d proffered my normally forgiving, History Master, when I arrived late to class just once too often.  Mind you, abandoning a fully immobilised Johnston way out on the furthest reaches of the school playing fields, bound hand and feet with our school ties, had surely been worth it.

So, what on earth would Mr Parry make now of my delay in writing to you; we’ve been in our newly-built house for nearly a year and I have ‘been meaning to write’ since we first moved in. 

‘Must do this, must do that’.  ‘Should have done this, should have done that’.  ‘Yes, Yes, I know, I will, I haven’t forgotten’.

Too many phrases competing for my epitaph, none of which I would be proud and too many that would simply be offensive in a place of rest.

So this Saturday morning, with a begowned historical presence playing havoc with my conscience, I finally sit down to write.  So to be brief and concise there are five big reasons why I, and Jo, would like to particularly thank you Phil:

  1. You contained your mirth to a gentle snigger when I announced that the vision for the kitchen would be ‘Swedish country contemporary’.
  2. You dedicated far too many hours of your time in our search for perfection – a journey which took us from ‘the colours of a muddy pond’ (your words) to ‘too kitsch for Barbara Cartland’ (no-one’s words but probably what we were all thinking at one of the selections we stood back and pondered late one evening). 
  3. You persuaded me that I really should be able to prepare my morning toast on a work surface of less than two metres.
  4. The laughs made it enormous fun even during the pain of being wrestled into making the decisions.
  5. I know there was a fifth.  5, 5, 5.  Oh yes:

Beautiful kitchen, brilliantly designed, expertly installed. 

Thank you for everything Phil.

David (and Jo of course) Penniston

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